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Moolala Luxury Strengthening LED Gel 10ml (.33 fl.oz).
IT WILL LAST UP TO 21 DAYS chip free. 

9-Free Gel Color ( a gel polish free of the 9 most harmful chemicals in nail polish, vegan, cruelty free and made in the USA)

NO BASE COAT needed. 

Instructions: APPLY AN EVEN COAT TO THE NAIL AND CURE FOR 60 SECONDS UNDER AN LED LAMP( could also be used with any UV lamp, following the lamp manufacturer’s instructions) on the lamp REPEAT THE PROCESS UNTIL YOU REACH YOUR DESIRED COVERAGE. Seal with with Moolala™ Super Glossy or Velvetty Matte top coat and cure for another 60 seconds.

For better results we recommend to use with our Primer and Bonder.

TO REMOVE SIMPLY SOAK IN PURE ACETONE FOR 10 MIN or use our Gel no more™ remover :)

(It could also be used without our Top coat but it will only last 1-2 weeks)

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