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Broken nails?

Save them with our emergency repair kit until they grow and you are ready to trim them, no matter the nail length.

Imagine it as a "First aid" kit for broken nails, better to have it for when it happens, not that we want it to happen but let's face it, we always break a nail when we are not expecting it (cooking, doing chores, working out, gardening, fixing something, etc...) and oh boy, breaking a nail can hurt a lot.

Inspired by dip systems, it is easy to apply and easy to remove with our Gel no more remover.

Our kit contains everything needed for a nail repair that everyone in the household will use at least once!

The shield vitamin powder contains calcium to add a little extra to the broken nail.

Contains: Potion #1, #2 and #3, Nail rescue shield vitamin powder, Nail buffer and Dusting brush.

The repair is clear so you can wear your bare nails or add some color on top ( regular or gel polish), your choice :)

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