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Magic mirror Chrome powder GOLD

Magic mirror Chrome powder GOLD

Magic mirror Chrome powder GOLD

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Mini Mani Moo created the first mirror pigment with FDA and EU approved pigments free of toxins like Cobalt Dioxide that cause cancer. Don´t risk your health with other pigments that won't disclaim this ingredient.
1.5 grams of the highest quality and safest chrome powder.

1. Prepare your nail with a soak off gel base color(Dark colors like black work the best but you can try with different ones for different looks ).

It can be one step gel or a 3 step with a non-cleanse (no wipe) gel top coat (We recommend ours Moo Gel™ Chrome base and top)

2. Rub enough powder into the nail with one of the applicators.

3. Rub the second applicator to remove the excess.

4. Apply a gel top coat and cure under the lamp.

For an easier clean up ,we recommend using Mess no more!® around the cuticles to protect the skin from the excess powder.


I got mine a few days ago fairly quickly. SNS does take longer but definitely worth it.

Tiffany, NC

This stuff works great. I highly recommend it.

Deborah, FL

Thank you for such wonderful products, I just learned how to do my own nails and your products are a blessing.

Mary, TX
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