Girls night!

Girls night!

By Tiffany

Can some grown ass women still have a full blown slumber party? Yes, yes they can. Scary movies, boy talk, face masks, manicures—it’s like going back in time to middle school, only now you can have wine!  So much wine… Anyway, here are the details of our amazing night so you can meet up with all of your girls and spread the love! Uteruses before duderuses!

My best friends and I have crazy busy lives. Smarty Pants is in grad school, Mom is a working single mother, Bella Cosa is running her own event planning business, the Bride is planning her wedding, and there’s me! So when we all managed to get a single night off together, we decided to get back to our roots! I’m talking old school slumber party vibes. Pillow forts, onesie pajamas, s’mores, and horror movies on Netflix! Shout out to Veronica; that movie was pretty creepy. I had to sleep with the lights on. 

Also, why did the Office pop up on our search? What are you hiding, Michael Scott?

Anyway, I digress! We dined on a delicious meal of Pizza, Buffalo Wings, and a Veggie Platter. Then we started the face masks. Apparently I’m “obsessed” with skin care, so I was in charge of bringing ALL my products for them to use. To be fair, I keep about 10 different masks on hand at any given time.

Special Mention: I found a new Micellar Water by Ninja Cosmetix to take my makeup off that I really like. It’s supposed to cleanse the skin while removing makeup. A classic two birds, one stone scenario.

A few of us used a hydrating Coconut mask; others chose a Spearmint Clay mask. Bella Cosa tried that painful charcoal mask that is ridiculously hard to take off. I did get video, but have been forbidden to share it…so that’s a bummer.

After her face recovered, we moved on to manicures and pedicures! Who doesn’t love doing their nails? There is something so pure about a fresh coat of paint. Your mother (or loved one) teaches you when you’re young to do smooth, even coats and stay within the lines. There are literally thousands of different colors and textures to match whatever your mood. It’s calming and some people do it simply to manage their anxieties. Not to mention, a woman can feel ten times fiercer with a fresh set of claws. It’s just the best! For the record, I’m not one of the lucky women who has naturally strong, beautiful nails. I often visit the salon for a full set. Then when my mood changes, I’ll paint them a different color, add glitter, add designs; whatever my heart desires. It’s cheaper than going back to the salon any time I want a change, and it is fun. So on Girls Night, I took that opportunity and went for a Spring inspired look! I used some pastel colors and a Lace Stamping Plate, then sealed it with a Cookie Dough scented glossy topcoat.

Recreate the Look

Step 1: Have gorgeous, naturally long natural nails, or pay for a set (like me).

Step 2: Start with your base color; mine was white.

Step 3: Take Mess no more® and apply it to your finger, around your nail. Two coats for easy peel off. Let it dry!

Step 4: Use acetone/nail polish remover to make sure your Stamping Plate, Stamper, and scraper are completely clean.

Step 5: Apply Stamping Polish to your plate. I used ours because it has more pigment. It’s not a normal nail polish. You can try using a different brand, but 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t come out the same, so I can’t guarantee your results.

Step 6: Use the scraper to “scrape” the polish down into the grooves of your design. This part has to be fast. The polish is very fast drying.

Step 7: Use the Stamper to transfer the design from the Plate to your nail. Again, a very fast process. It should take only a few seconds to apply polish, scrape, and stamp to the nail. It may take a few practice tries to get the hang of it.

Step 8: Let it dry! Shouldn’t take long, 30 seconds tops.

Step 9: Apply your topcoat! Then you’re DONE!

**Mini Mani Moo Pro Tip: For longer lasting designs, you can cover with our Transform Gel polish. It’s a topcoat that will turn any polish into a Gel polish. You will need a lamp to cure it. We have cute, portable ones for purchase. :)

So after our faces and nails were refreshed, we spent hours catching up. We complained about boyfriends, work, our diets (while shoving s’mores into our faces). Then around 4am, we all retired to our respective sleeping bags. It was the best night ever, and I can’t wait to do it again. Take what you’ve learned here and have your own sleepover. Decompress! You deserve it. It’s 2018. There are real issues in the world today. So hang with your girls, eat chocolate, paint your nails, and be fierce.

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