10 Reasons Why You Need to Try Chrome Nails RIGHT NOW.

By: Tiffany

1.) Look!



2.) And look at this!



3.) Peace signs look FAB!



4.) I CAN'T EVEN!!!



5.) Mirror Mirror on the wall...who has the fairest nails of all?!



6.) SO fierce!



7.) Love it, work it!

8.) Just, wow.



9.) #minimanimoo



10.) Well, what are you waiting for?!




Disclaimer: I am not a nail technician. I'm just a regular girl who likes fancy-pants nails.

Products Used for this Post:

  1. Moo Gel Chrome Top & Base Coat. (You need a [gel] base color; I had black acrylic. If you need some Black, look here).
  2. Black LED Portable Lamp. (Cure 60 seconds)
  3. Experimental Mini Mani Moo Chrome Powders (Ruby Red and Gun Metal-Let us know if you would like us to start carrying these colors) **If you want to look at our other colors, click here.


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