Stocking Stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers!

By: Tiffany


I said it. Come @ me!


December is the BEST month, and not just because it's my birth month.


1.) The weather finally cools down! #Cuddleweather


2.) Hot Chocolate


3.) All of the best Holidays are in December:

(in no particular order)
        • Christmas


        • Hanukkah


        • Kwanzaa


        • Tiffany's Birthday


        • New Years Eve


        • National Cookie Day


        • National Bacon Day

      4.) Therefore, all of the best parties are also in December!

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      5.) Glorious lights everywhere you look!

      doesn't it fill you with the fuzzy feels!?


      6.) Christmas Tree Hair

      7.) Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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      8.) Holiday Inspired Nails

      Obviously with all of the holiday office parties, celebrations, and birthdays, fresh nails are essential! We live for the glamorous nails that come with this season.
      Here are some looks that I played with in our laboratory!



      *Here is a list of our products I used for my designs:

      Here are some other Fa-la-la-lala-la-la-labulous nails I found on the web: 


            9.) The Sales!

            Santa can't be responsible for ALL of the gift giving!

            Some of the biggest sales take place in December when retailers are prepping for Holiday Gift-Giving.

            We are no exception!!

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             Surprise your loved ones with the amazing Stocking Stuffers we've put together for you!

            Click Click Click Click!

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            And then....


            Eat some Chocolate

            Drink some wine

            And the night is mighty fine.


            Grab some shortbread

            And some cider

            And a roasted turkey slider.


            Have some eggnog

            And some cake

            Disregard the Stomach ache.


            Dip some fruit in Crème anglaise,

            And enjoy the Holidays!



            Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!


            Thank you for spending another year with us, and we look forward to many more!

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