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Moo Gel™ Transform + FX + Lamp
Moo Gel™ Transform + FX + Lamp
Moo Gel™ Transform + FX + Lamp

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Moo Gel™ Transform + FX + Lamp

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10 ML (.33 OZ)
This LED cured gel top coat can be used with any nail polish (gel or not). It is non wipe, which means it doesn't have the tacky layer at the end.
Your mani will last up to 14 days.
Just apply your regular nail polish, let it dry perfectly ( VERY IMPORTANT), apply your TRANSFORM gel and cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp.

This bundle includes:

1 Transform Gel

1 Transform FX Gel

1 54W Bow lamp


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I love this color. Just the right shade of grey.

Susan M.

Verified Buyer

It is a wonderful product, no complaints

Katrina W.

Verified Buyer

Great moisturizer , non greasy but hydrating.

Andreina L.

Verified Buyer

I've been using the glossy top coat for about a year and my ladies refuse to let me use anything else!! It is AWESOME!! I love IT ❤️ 💅

Ms. G.

Verified Buyer

Love this tool! It works well with taking off your old nails! Doesn’t gauge into your nails either! You definitely need this tool!!

Deborah R.

Verified Buyer

Love the new product! Thank you for making it ;) Mooooo

Roy L.

Verified Buyer

So much easier than filing and soaking!

Sandy V.

Verified Buyer

Love the gel finish - lasts a long time and not a huge deal to remove. I did however notice a fair amount of yellowing over this lighter taupe after just a couple of days! (I had to reapply a couple nails after a chip and the ones I redid were dramatically different. 😬) Still, definitely loving the product and no plans to switch!

Randi K.

Verified Buyer

I provided a 3-minute time-lapse. I love this product and highly recommend buying the refill bottles instead, you end up saving so much. I prefer this since it is legit and you can buy it in stores instead of risking using an unknown brand, takes a couple of layers but works.

Diana L.

Verified Buyer