Ms. Moo Emergency Nail repair Kit

Ms. Moo Emergency Nail repair Kit

Ms. Moo Emergency Nail repair Kit

Broken nails?

Save them with our emergency repair kit until they grow and you are ready to trim them, no matter the nail length.

Imagine it as a "First aid" kit for broken nails, better to have it for when it happens, not that we want it to happen but let's face it, we always break a nail when we are not expecting it (cooking, doing chores, working out, gardening, fixing something, etc...) and oh boy, breaking a nail can hurt a lot.

Inspired by dip systems, it is easy to apply and easy to remove with our Gel no more remover.

Our kit contains everything needed for a nail repair that everyone in the household will use at least once!

The shield vitamin powder contains calcium to add a little extra to the broken nail.

Contains: Potion #1, #2 and #3, Nail rescue shield vitamin powder, Nail buffer and Dusting brush.

The repair is clear so you can wear your bare nails or add some color on top ( regular or gel polish), your choice :)


I got mine a few days ago fairly quickly. SNS does take longer but definitely worth it.

Tiffany, NC

This stuff works great. I highly recommend it.

Deborah, FL

Thank you for such wonderful products, I just learned how to do my own nails and your products are a blessing.

Mary, TX
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