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Why MS.MOO™ Cosmeceutical Skincare?

  • Free of Parabens

  • Free of Sulfates

  • Backed up by Science

  • Animal Cruelty Free

Hi! I am Andreina Landis, CEO and Co-Founder. I have taken a year working with the best chemists in the beautiful Mediterranean, developing clean formulas to create the ideal skin care. Because we believe in good ingredients with scientifically proven results for a healthier skin. 

We are here to embrace natural looking skin that although is not "filter" perfect, will look as good as it feels. I wanted to create a luxury brand that is affordable for everyone without compromising the quality.

I have suffered from acne since I am 15. After trying everything in the market, I decided that I had to create something that would really work on those awful breakouts and would not dehydrate my skin.  

This is my routine!

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$264.00 USD$210.00 USD

Sustainable, Responsibly Sourced & Vegan

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